At Partido, your privacy is a top priority. Your privacy is at the core of the way we design and build the services and products you know and love, so that you can fully trust them and focus on building meaningful connections.

We appreciate that you put your trust in us when you provide us with your information and we do not take this lightly.

We do not compromise with your privacy. We design all of our products and services with your privacy in mind. We involve experts from various fields, including legal, security, engineering, product design and others to make sure that no decision is taken without respect for your privacy.

We strive to be transparent in the way we process your data. Because we use many of the same online services you do, we know that insufficient information and overly complicated language are common issues in privacy policies. We take the exact opposite approach: we have written our Privacy Policy and related documents in plain language. We actually want you to read our policies and understand our privacy practices!

We work hard to keep your information secure We have teams dedicated to keeping your data safe and secure. We constantly update our security practices and invest in our security efforts to enhance the safety of your information.



Welcome to Partido’s Privacy Policy. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

We appreciate that you trust us with your information and we intend to always keep that trust. This starts with making sure you understand the information we collect, why we collect it, how it is used and your choices regarding your information. This Policy describes our privacy practices in plain language, keeping legal and technical jargon to a minimum.

This Privacy Policy applies beginning June 10, 2018.

EFFECTIVE DATE: June 10, 2018


Partido Technology Services Limited



This Privacy Policy applies to websites, apps, events and other services operated by Partido. For simplicity, we refer to all of these as our “services” in this Privacy Policy. To make it extra clear, we’ve added links to this Privacy Policy on all applicable services.

Some services may require their own unique privacy policy. If a particular service has its own privacy policy, then that policy -- not this Privacy Policy -- applies.


It goes without saying, we can’t help you develop meaningful connections without some information about you, such as basic profile details and the types of people you’d like to meet. We also collect information generated as you use our services, for example access logs, as well as information from third parties, like when you access our services through a social media account. If you want additional info, we go into more detail below.

Information you give us

You choose to give us certain information when using our services. This includes:

  • When you create an account, you provide us with at least your login credentials, as well as some basic details necessary for the service to work, such as your gender and date of birth.
  • When you complete your profile, you can share with us additional information, such as details on your personality, lifestyle, interests and other details about you, as well as content such as photos and videos. To add certain content, like pictures or videos, you may allow us to access your camera or photo album. Some of the information you choose to provide us may be considered “special” or “sensitive” in certain jurisdictions, for example your racial or ethnic origins, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. By choosing to provide this information, you consent to our processing of that information.
  • When you subscribe to a paid service or make a purchase directly from us (rather than through a platform such as iOS or Android), you provide us or our payment service provider with information, such as your debit or credit card number or other financial information.
  • When you participate in surveys or focus groups, you give us your insights into our products and services, responses to our questions and testimonials.
  • When you choose to participate in our promotions, events or contests, we collect the information that you use to register or enter.
  • If you contact our customer care team, we collect the information you give us during the interaction. Sometimes, we monitor or record these interactions for training purposes and to ensure a high quality of service.
  • If you ask us to communicate with or otherwise process information of other people (for example, if you ask us to send an email on your behalf to one of your friends), we collect the information about others that you give us in order to complete your request.
  • Of course, we also process your chats with other users as well as the content you publish, as part of the operation of the services.

Information we receive from others

In addition to the information you provide us directly, we receive information about you from others, including:

  • Other Users
  • Other users may provide information about you as they use our services. For instance, we may collect information about you from other users if they contact us about you.
  • Social Media
  • You may be able to use your social media login (such as Facebook Login) to create and log into your Partido account. This saves you from having to remember yet another user name and password and allows you to share some information from your social media account with us.
  • Other Partners
  • We may receive info about you from our partners, for instance where Partido ads are published on a partner’s websites and platforms (in which case they may pass along details on a campaign’s success).

Information collected when you use our services

When you use our services, we collect information about which features you’ve used, how you’ve used them and the devices you use to access our services. See below for more details:

  • Usage Information
  • We collect information about your activity on our services, for instance how you use them (e.g., date and time you logged in, features you’ve been using, searches, clicks and pages which have been shown to you, referring webpage address, advertising that you click on) and how you interact with other users (e.g., users you connect and interact with, time and date of your exchanges, number of messages you send and receive).
  • Device information
  • We collect information from and about the device(s) you use to access our services, including:
  • hardware and software information such as IP address, device ID and type, device-specific and apps settings and characteristics, app crashes, advertising IDs (such as Google’s AAID and Apple's IDFA, both of which are randomly generated numbers that you can reset by going into your device’ settings), browser type, version and language, operating system, time zones, identifiers associated with cookies or other technologies that may uniquely identify your device or browser (e.g., IMEI/UDID and MAC address);
  • information on your wireless and mobile network connection, like your service provider and signal strength;
  • information on device sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses.
  • Other information with your consent
  • If you give us permission, we can collect your precise geolocation (latitude and longitude) through various means, depending on the service and device you’re using, including GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. The collection of your geolocation may occur in the background even when you aren’t using the services if the permission you gave us expressly permits such collection. If you decline permission for us to collect your geolocation, we will not collect it.
  • Similarly, if you consent, we may collect your photos and videos (for instance, if you want to publish a photo, video or streaming on the services).


We use and may allow others to use cookies and similar technologies (e.g., web beacons, pixels) to recognize you and/or your device(s).

Some web browsers (including Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) have a “Do Not Track” (“DNT”) feature that tells a website that a user does not want to have his or her online activity tracked. If a website that responds to a DNT signal receives a DNT signal, the browser can block that website from collecting certain information about the browser’s user. Not all browsers offer a DNT option and DNT signals are not yet uniform. For this reason, many businesses, including Partido, do not currently respond to DNT signals.


The main reason we use your information is to deliver and improve our services. Additionally, we use your info to help keep you safe and to provide you with advertising that may be of interest to you. Read on for a more detailed explanation of the various reasons we use your information, together with practical examples.

To administer your account and provide our services to you

  • Create and manage your account
  • Provide you with customer support and respond to your requests
  • Complete your transactions
  • Communicate with you about our services, including order management and billing

To help you connect with other users

  • Analyze your profile and that of other users to recommend meaningful connections
  • Show users’ profiles to one another

To ensure a consistent experience across your devices

  • Link the various devices you use so that you can enjoy a consistent experience of our services on all of them. We do this by linking devices and browser data, such as when you log into your account on different devices or by using partial or full IP address, browser version and similar data about your devices to help identify and link them.

To provide new Partido services to you

  • Register you and display your profile on new Partido features and apps
  • Administer your account on these new features and apps

To serve you relevant offers and ads

  • Administer sweepstakes, contests, discounts or other offers
  • Develop, display and track content and advertising tailored to your interests on our services and other sites
  • Communicate with you by email, phone, social media or mobile device about products or services that we think may interest you

To improve our services and develop new ones

  • Administer focus groups and surveys
  • Conduct research and analysis of users’ behavior to improve our services and content (for instance, we may decide to change the look and feel or even substantially modify a given feature based on users’ behavior)
  • Develop new features and services (for example, we may decide to build a new interests-based feature further to requests received from users).

To prevent, detect and fight fraud or other illegal or unauthorized activities

  • Address ongoing or alleged misbehavior on and off-platform
  • Perform data analysis to better understand and design countermeasures against these activities
  • Retain data related to fraudulent activities to prevent against recurrences

To ensure legal compliance

  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Assist law enforcement
  • Enforce or exercise our rights, for example our Terms

To process your information as described above, we rely on the following legal bases:

  • Provide our service to you: Most of the time, the reason we process your information is to perform the contract that you have with us. For instance, as you go about using our service to build meaningful connections, we use your information to maintain your account and your profile, to make it viewable to other users and recommend other users to you.
  • Legitimate interests: We may use your information where we have legitimate interests to do so. For instance, we analyze users’ behavior on our services to continuously improve our offerings, we suggest offers we think might interest you, and we process information for administrative, fraud detection and other legal purposes.
  • Consent: From time to time, we may ask for your consent to use your information for certain specific reasons. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at the address provided at the end of this Privacy Policy.


Sharing of information sometimes involves cross-border data transfers, for instance to the United States of America and other jurisdictions. As an example, where the service allows for users to be located in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), their personal information is transferred to countries outside of the EEA. We use standard contract clauses approved by the European Commission or other suitable safeguard to permit data transfers from the EEA to other countries. Standard contractual clauses are commitments between companies transferring personal data, binding them to protect the privacy and security of your data


We want you to be in control of your information, so we have provided you with the following tools:

  • Access / Update tools in the service. Tools and account settings that help you to access, rectify or delete information that you provided to us and that’s associated with your account directly within the service. If you have any question on those tools and settings, please contact our customer care team for help.
  • Device permissions. Mobile platforms have permission systems for specific types of device data and notifications, such as phone book and location services as well as push notifications. You can change your settings on your device to either consent or oppose the collection of the corresponding information or the display of the corresponding notifications. Of course, if you do that, certain services may lose full functionality.
  • Deletion. You can delete your account by using the corresponding functionality directly on the service.

We want you to be aware of your privacy rights. Here are a few key points to remember:

  • Reviewing your information. Applicable privacy laws may give you the right to review the personal information we keep about you (depending on the jurisdiction, this may be called right of access, right of portability or variations of those terms). You can request a copy of your personal information by messagging us.
  • Updating your information. If you believe that the information we hold about you is inaccurate or that we are no longer entitled to use it and want to request its rectification, deletion or object to its processing, please contact us.

For your protection and the protection of all of our users, we may ask you to provide proof of identity before we can answer the above requests.

Keep in mind, we may reject requests for certain reasons, including if the request is unlawful or if it may infringe on trade secrets or intellectual property or the privacy of another user. If you wish to receive information relating to another user, such as a copy of any messages you received from him or her through our service, the other user will have to contact our Privacy Officer to provide their written consent before the information is released.

Also, we may not be able to accommodate certain requests to object to the processing of personal information, notably where such requests would not allow us to provide our service to you anymore. For instance, we cannot provide our service if we do not have your date of birth.

  • Uninstall. You can stop all information collection by an app by uninstalling it using the standard uninstall process for your device. If you uninstall the app from your mobile device, the unique identifier associated with your device will continue to be stored. If you re-install the application on the same mobile device, we will be able to re-associate this identifier to your previous transactions and activities.
  • Accountability. In certain countries, including in the European Union, you have a right to lodge a complaint with the appropriate data protection authority if you have concerns about how we process your personal information. The data protection authority you can lodge a complaint with notably may be that of your habitual residence, where you work or where we are established.


We work hard to protect you from unauthorized access to or alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information. As with all technology companies, although we take steps to secure your information, we do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personal information will always remain secure.

We regularly monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks and regularly review our information collection, storage and processing practices to update our physical, technical and organizational security measures.


We keep your personal information only as long as we need it for legitimate business purposes (as laid out in Section 5) and as permitted by applicable law. To protect the safety and security of our users on and off our services, we implement a safety retention window of three months following account deletion. During this period, account information will be retained although the account will of course not be visible on the services anymore.

In practice, we delete or anonymize your information upon deletion of your account (following the safety retention window) or after two years of continuous inactivity, unless:

  1. we must keep it to comply with applicable law (for instance, some “traffic data” is kept for one year to comply with statutory data retention obligations);
  2. we must keep it to evidence our compliance with applicable law (for instance, records of consents to our Terms, Privacy Policy and other similar consents are kept for five years);
  3. there is an outstanding issue, claim or dispute requiring us to keep the relevant information until it is resolved; or
  4. the information must be kept for our legitimate business interests, such as fraud prevention and enhancing users' safety and security. For example, information may need to be kept to prevent a user who was banned for unsafe behavior or security incidents from opening a new account.

Keep in mind that even though our systems are designed to carry out data deletion processes according to the above guidelines, we cannot promise that all data will be deleted within a specific timeframe due to technical constraints.


Our services are restricted to users who are 18 years of age or older. We do not permit users under the age of 18 on our platform and we do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under the age of 18. If you suspect that a user is under the age of 18, please use the reporting mechanism available through the service.


Because we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to help you build meaningful connections, this policy may change over time. We will notify you before any material changes take effect so that you have time to review the changes.

Partido 隱私權政策




一般資訊。 我們可能收集個人資訊,包括敏感資料和其他資訊。「個人資訊」是指允許我們辨識特定尚存活者實際身份和聯絡方式的個人可識別資訊。「敏感資料」包括您可選擇提供的資訊、評論或內容(例如照片、影片、個人檔案、生活方式),其可能揭露您的種族血統、國籍、宗教和/或性取向。向我們提供敏感資料即表示您同意我們在適用的隱私權法律允許的情況下,收集,使用和公開該敏感資料。我們還可能在您的同意下,收集您的地理位置資訊。我們可能透過網站、行動應用程式或其他線上服務收集此資訊。使用服務即表示您授權我們收集、解析和保留與服務提供相關的資料。當您透過我們的服務提供個人資訊時,該資訊可能會傳送至位於美國和世界各國的伺服器中。

您提供的資訊。 為了註冊為 Partido 的用戶,您將被要求使用 Facebook 帳號登入。如果您這樣做,即授權我們存取特定的 Facebook 帳戶資訊,諸如您的公開 Facebook 個人資料(與您在 Facebook 上的隱私權設定一致)、您的電子郵件地址、興趣、喜好、性別、生日、學歷、感情狀況、現居城市、照片、個人描述、好友列表以及您的 Facebook 好友的照片資訊,他們可能也是其他 Partido 用戶的共通 Facebook 好友。當您下載或使用服務時,Partido 也將要求從您的設備收集您的位置資訊。此外,我們可能會收集並儲存您在使用我們的服務時,或以其他方式提供的任何個人資訊。這可能包括識別資訊,如您的姓名、地址、電子郵件地址和電話號碼,如果您與我們進行業務往來,則還包括財務資訊。您可能會向我們提供照片、個人描述和有關您的性別和推薦偏好設定資訊,例如搜尋距離、年齡範圍和性別。如果您與其他 Partido 用戶聊天,您即向我們提供聊天內容,如果您透過客戶服務或其他查詢方式聯絡我們,您即向我們提供該通訊的內容。

收集資訊的技術使用。 我們使用各種技術從您的設備和您在我們的服務上的活動收集資訊。

自動收集資訊。 當您造訪我們的服務時,我們會自動從您​​的瀏覽器或設備收集資訊。此資訊可能包括您的 IP 位址、設備 ID 和類型、您的瀏覽器類型和語言、您的設備使用的作業系統、造訪時間、行動裝置於我們的應用程式執行時所在地理位置,以及轉介網站地址。

Cookie 以及與 Cookie 類似的資料使用。 當您造訪我們的服務時,我們可能會為您的設備分配一個或多個 Cookie 或其他技術,促進個人化與您對我們服務的存取,並個人化您的體驗。透過使用 Cookie,我們還可能會自動收集您在我們的服務中的活動資訊,例如您造訪的網頁、造訪的時間和日期以及您點擊的連結。若我們張貼廣告,我們(或第三方)可能會使用於我們服務中收集到的特定資料,在其他網站或應用程式上的為您展示 Partido 廣告。

像素標籤。 我們在網頁、廣告和電子郵件中嵌入像素標籤(也稱為網路信標或透明 GIF)。這些微小的隱形圖形可用於存取 cookie 並追蹤用戶活動(例如一個頁面被檢視了多少次)。我們使用像素標籤來衡量我們功能和服務的受歡迎程度。廣告公司還使用像素標籤來衡量展示的廣告數量及其效果(例如點擊廣告的人數)。

行動裝置 ID。 如果您使用的是應用程式,我們會使用行動裝置 ID(製造商指派給裝置的專屬識別碼)或廣告 ID(iOS 6 以上版本),而非使用 Cookie 來識別您。如此便可儲存您的偏好並追蹤您對我們應用程式的使用。與 Cookie 不同的是設備 ID 無法刪除,但您可以在 iPhone 的「設定」中重設廣告 ID。廣告公司還使用設備 ID 或廣告 ID 追蹤您對應用程式的使用、追蹤顯示的廣告數量、衡量廣告效果並顯示與您更相關的廣告。分析公司使用設備 ID 追蹤關於應用程式使用情況的資訊。

第三方為廣告目所收集的資訊。 我們可能允許服務提供商、廣告公司和廣告網路以及其他第三方,在我們的服務和其他地方展示廣告。這些公司可以使用追蹤技術(例如 Cookie 或網路信標)來收集有關檢視其廣告或與其互動之用戶的資訊。我們不向第三方提供任何無遮罩或無轉譯的個人資訊。這些第三方廣告公司中的某些公司可能是網路廣告計劃 (Network Advertising Initiative) 的成員,其提供可從單個位置選擇退出成員廣告公司的廣告定向( www.networkadvertising.org )。選擇退出不會減少您看到的廣告數量。如欲選擇退出可能由第三方資料或廣告合作夥伴設定的 Cookie,請造訪:http://www.aboutads.info/choices/


一般資訊。 我們可能針對以下目的,使用所收集到關於您的資訊:










求職者。 如果您在向我們公司應徵職位時提交您的個人資訊,該資訊將僅用於考慮您的應徵並據此所採取行動。我們可能保留您的個人資訊,但僅用於考慮您的目前或未來可用職位的應徵之目的。此資訊可能包括您的姓名和聯絡資訊、過往教育和經歷以及您提供給我們的其他資訊,其可能會與由我們所聘僱之第三方服務提供商共享,以收集、維護和分析應徵者提出的職位資訊。

在任何情況下,我們可能直接執行這些職能或藉助第三方廠商代表我們執行這些職能,他們有義務使用僅將您的個人資訊用於為我們提供服務。此外,若您透過第三方社群平台(如 Facebook)存取我們的服務,我們可能會在您的同意之下以及其隱私權設定允許的範圍內,與該平台共享非個人資訊。


與其他用戶共享的資訊。當您註冊為 Partido 的用戶時,您的 Partido 個人資料將受服務的其他用戶檢視。其他用戶(若為在 Partido 上的任何共享功能,則為 Partido 用戶可以選擇與之共享的個人或應用程式)將能夠檢視您直接或透過 Facebook 提供給我們的資訊,例如您的 Facebook 照片、您上傳的任何其他照片、您的名字、您的年齡、大致相距英里數、您的個人描述和您與檢視您個人資料的人之間共通的資訊,例如共同 Facebook 好友和按讚。如果您向右滑動或使用投票按鈕對某人說「是」,則當他們也向右滑動或使用投票按鈕對您說「是」時,意即當您有一個「配對好友」時,即可與此人聊天。如果您與您的「配對好友」聊天,您的「配對好友」理所當然會看到您的聊天內容。

個人資訊。 我們不會與他人分享您的個人資訊,除非本隱私權政策中有所指示,或者當我們通知您,並給予您選擇不共享您個人資訊的機會時。我們可能與下者分享個人資訊:

服務供應商。 我們可能與代表我們執行某些服務的第三方共享資訊,包括個人和財務資訊。這些服務可能包括履行訂單、提供客戶服務和行銷協助、執行業務和銷售分析、廣告追蹤和分析、成員篩選、支援我們的服務功能以及支援比賽、抽獎、調查和透過我們的服務提供的其他功能。這些服務提供商可以存取執行其職能所需的個人資訊,但不得因任何其他目的共享或使用這些資訊。

其他 Match Group 業務。 Match 集團事業包括線上交友網站和應用程式 Match.com、OkCupid、OurTime.com、BlackPeopleMeet.com、Twoo、Meetic、POF、LoveScout24、ParPerfeito 等等。根據現行法令規定,只要您同意,我們就可能讓其他 Match 集團公司共用我們收集的資訊 (包括您的個人資料,例如姓名和聯絡方式、相片、興趣,以及使用本公司服務所從事的活動和交易)。

其他情況。 我們可能會在以下狀況公開您的資訊,包括個人資訊:




總體化及/或非個人資訊。 我們可以使用和共享我們在上述任何情況下收集到的非個人資訊。我們還可能將其與其他 Match Group 旗下公司和第三方共享,以在我們的服務與網站或第三方的應用程式上開發和提供有針對性的廣告,並對您看到的廣告進行分析和報告。我們可能將收集到的非個人資訊與從其他來源收集到的其他非個人資訊合併。我們也可以出於進行一般業務分析、廣告、行銷或其他業務目的,以混雜的、非人類可讀形式與第三方(包括顧問、廣告客戶和投資者)共享總體化的非個人資訊或個人資訊。例如,我們可能聘請可能向您收集網路日誌資料(包括 IP 位址和有關您的瀏覽器或作業系統的資訊)的資料提供商,或者在您的瀏覽器上放置或識別唯一的 Cookie,讓您能夠接收自定義的廣告或內容。Cookie 可能會反映不包含識別資訊的人口統計或其他與您自願提交給我們的資料(例如您的電子郵件地址)相關的資料,我們可能僅以散列、非人類可讀的形式與資料提供商共享。我們還可能出於上述目的,與 Match Group 公司和第三方以不包含識別資訊的形式,共享您的地理位置資訊。如欲退出共享您的地理位置資訊,請停止使用 Partido 應用程式。


請勿追蹤(「DNT」)是用戶可以在其網路瀏覽器中設定的隱私權偏好。DNT 是用戶告知網站和服務,其不希望我們在一段時間內以及在所有網站或線上服務中,收集某些關於他們的網頁造訪資訊的方式。我們致力於為您提供有關我們收集的資訊的有意義選擇,這是我們提供上述選擇退出連結的原因。然而,我們不會辨認或回應任何 DNT 訊號,因為網際網路行業界在 DNT 的確切定義、遵守 DNT 的意義和回應 DNT 的常見方法方面,尚未取得定論。




如果您有 Partido 帳戶,即可前往個人帳戶的設定畫面,查閱並更新您提供給本服務的個人資料。如果本公司保管或由本公司控制的個人資料有誤或者遺漏,相關隱私權法令可能讓您有權取得或要求更正這類個人資料。本公司的隱私權主任可協助您申請。


在某些特殊情況下,我們可能無法提供我們持有的某些個人資訊。為了安全起見,隱私長無法存取和修改所有個人資訊。如果無法提供存取或更正,我們將在 30 天內以書面形式告知提出請求者被拒原因。






您也可以控制 Cookie 收集的資訊。您可以透過變更瀏覽器設定來刪除或拒絕 Cookie。點擊大多數瀏覽器工具欄中的「幫助」以獲取說明。


我們採取安全措施,以保護您的個人資訊免遭未經授權的存取和洩露。然而,世界上不存在完全安全的系統。因此,雖然我們會採取保護您資訊的措施,但我們無法對此作出承諾,且您不應該期望您的個人資訊、聊天或其他通訊始終保持安全。用戶還應注意如何處理和公開其個人資訊,並應避免透過不安全的電子郵件傳送個人資訊。請參閱聯邦貿易委員會 (Federal Trade Commission) 的網站: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/menus/consumer/data.shtm ,了解如何保護自己免遭身份盜用。





雖然我們的服務屬於一般受眾服務,但我們的服務僅限 18 歲及以上的個人使用。我們不會故意收集、維護或使用 18 歲以下兒童的個人資訊。



如果您是從歐盟或其他地區造訪,且該地具有管理資料收集與使用之法律,則請注意,您同意將您的個人資料(包括敏感資料)從您所在地區的 Partido 轉移到沒有提供與包括美國在內的歐洲經濟區國家同等保護等級的資料保護法律之國家。提供您的個人資訊表示您同意根據本政策進行任何轉移和處理。




我們會不定期更新本隱私權政策,以反映法律方面、我們的資料收集和使用做法、我們的服務特性或技術進步的變化。當我們發佈本隱私權政策的變更時,我們將修訂本隱私權政策頂部的「上次更新」日期,該日期將在「設定」下的服務以及 goPartido.com 上發佈,您應定期檢查最新版本,意即適用的版本。如果我們對本隱私權政策進行任何重大變更,我們將透過合理方式通知您變更,其中可能包括透過服務或透過電子郵件送出通知。請仔細檢查變更。您在本政策發佈變更後繼續使用服務,意味著您同意並接受這些變更。若您不同意此類變更,可以按照「設定」下的指示刪除您的帳戶。



Founder of Partido
Danny Yao